Fleet Service

We are happy to provide multiple options to keep your fleet vehicles maintained!

Unlimited Wash Club Memberships

The unlimited plan utilizes RFID tags in the windshield, and a wash account is set up for each vehicle. An Unlimited Wash Club membership is the most cost effective option if you plan to wash each vehicle more than 2 or 3 times per month.  This option requires either a credit card that will be automatically charged once a month per vehicle, or you may prepay for a minimum of three months.  Learn More

Car Wash Codes

You may purchase car wash codes in bulk at a discounted rate online and distribute individual codes to drivers as needed. This option simply requires a credit card at the time of check-out.  Shop now

Fleet Account

We have two options to have vehicles washed and charged to your fleet account. With either option, we can limit which wash and upgrade service options are available to your drivers and how frequently they can wash. Whichever option you choose, a statement and a breakdown of washes will be provided to you at the end of each month.

  • Option #1:  Have RFID tags placed in the windshield of each of your vehicles. Each wash will be tied to that vehicle’s license plate, and only that vehicle can wash using that specific tag.
  • Option #2: Issue a fleet car wash card(s). You can have one card that you give to drivers as needed, or you can issue a card to each driver. Instead of tracking washes by plate number, each wash will be tied to the employee name that is connected to that card. This option will NOT prevent washing an unapproved vehicle on your company account.

Opening a fleet account with us also gives you the option to charge state inspections, oil changes, and other regular lube maintenance services. A detailed invoice will be provided, and the charge will be seen on your monthly statement.

To apply for a Benny’s fleet account, complete the credit application below.

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QUESTIONS?  Just complete the form below or email our Fleet Department at fleets@bennyscarwash.com


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