Benny's Refund Policy

Benny’s Wash Credit Policy

Exterior Washes and Interior Services
All services are non-refundable after the service has been rendered. If dissatisfied, management may be contacted within 24 hours to request a complimentary re-do or wash credit.

Wash Club Memberships
Memberships are automatically charged monthly and can be canceled at any time prior to the next billing date. Once canceled, you may continue to wash through the remainder of your paid period. No prorated or partial refunds will be issued. A refund for the most recent charge may be requested within 30 days if your membership benefits (including fuel discounts and/or oil discounts) have not been utilized during that period. Any paid, unused time that is past the date of refund may be issued to you in the form of a wash credit. Discounts are an additional perk of the wash membership, and a missed discount cannot be refunded. Points may be added to your Benny’s app and/or a wash credit may be offered by a member of administration.

Wash Credits
A wash credit may be offered in the form of a gift card, wash code(s), or extended wash time on a membership at the discretion of the manager and/or administration team.

Gift Cards & Prepaid Items
Gift Cards can be redeemed at B-Quiks, oil bays, and car wash sites. Prepaid wash codes can be used for any vehicle, and prepaid memberships can be transferred to a new/different vehicle. Refunds cannot be issued for gift cards, prepaid wash codes, or prepaid memberships.

Right to Refuse Service
Benny’s reserves the right to refuse service to anyone demonstrating inappropriate and/or demeaning behavior towards any member of our team.