Fleet Accounts

We are happy to provide multiple options to keep your fleet vehicles maintained!

Unlimited Wash Club Memberships

The Unlimited Wash Club is the most cost-effective option if you plan to wash each vehicle more than 2 or 3 times per month. This option requires either a credit card that will be automatically charged once a month per vehicle, or you may prepay for a minimum of three months. Wash PlansUnlimited FAQ

Car Wash Codes

You may purchase car wash codes in bulk at a discounted rate online and distribute individual codes to drivers as needed. This option simply requires a credit card at the time of check-out. Shop NowWash Codes FAQ

Charge Accounts

Opening a charge account requires a minimum of 10 company vehicles. Drivers select from our regular menu options to charge to your account by either RFID or fleet card (your choice). Your account also allows charges for oil bay services including state inspections, oil changes, and other regular lube maintenance services. A statement is provided at the end of the month for all wash and lube services. Credit ApplicationCharge Account FAQ