Frequently Asked Questions

Unlimited Accounts FAQ

Are there discounts on the unlimited for multiple vehicles?


Can we charge monthly unlimited to an account and be invoiced for it monthly?


Can we have unlimited plans without a credit card on file?

Yes! Prepay for up to one year for all your vehicles! Purchase here!

If we have a credit card on file, can we prevent drivers from charging upgrades to that card?


If we prepay for the unlimited plans, can drivers upgrade?

Yes! Drivers can choose an upgrade and provide payment for that service.

Can we have multiple vehicles on 1 account?


Wash Codes FAQ

Can we buy prepaid Best + Interior wash codes online?


Can the driver upgrade to an interior when the wash code is redeemed?


Are the wash codes valid at any location?


When do the wash codes expire?

Wash codes expire one year from the purchase date.

Fleet Charge Accounts FAQ

Can we limit which wash services drivers charge to our account?

Yes! We can customize the wash menu to allow drivers to select only the services you have pre-approved. We can also limit the number of times each vehicle can charge washes each month.

Can we allow different washes for different vehicles?

Yes! We can set up departments within your account. You may want certain vehicles to be allowed only the Basic wash while others may be allowed to charge a Best + Interior. This is customizable.

Can we limit what lube services drivers charge to our account?

Yes. You may wish to allow only state inspections and conventional oil changes. Keep in mind, setting limits on what can be charged in the oil bays may hinder manufacturer recommendations for the vehicle.

What is the difference between the RFID and fleet card option?

RFID tags are placed in the windshield of each vehicle, and only that vehicle can charge a wash to your account. These washes show on your account by RFID number and license plate or unit number.

Fleet cards are tied to a cardholder, not a vehicle. You may want one fleet card that you allow all drivers to use, or you may want to issue a card to each driver. Each card requires a PIN entry to charge a wash, and these washes show on your account by cardholder name.

Can our charge account be used at B-Quik?


To apply for a charge account, please visit our Credit Application.