Oil Change

Free $19 Wash with Every Oil Change

Certified Service

  • Install new oil filter
  • Drain oil and refill new oil
  • Check & fill transmission (if accessible)
  • Check air filter
  • Check & fill coolant reservoir
  • Visually check cooling system hoses
  • Check antifreeze protection levels
  • Visually check belt tension & condition
  • Check & insulate battery terminals
  • Check & fill power steering fluid
  • Check power steering system for leaks
  • Check brake adjustment plugs
  • Check & fill windshield washer fluid
  • Check all wiper blades
  • Electronically adjust tire pressure
  • Lubricate all rubber grommets
  • Check all grease fittings
  • Check oil level
  • Check oil drain plug & seal
  • Check & fill rear differential
  • Check oil seals for leaks
  • Lubricate all locks, latches & hinges

All Guests Enjoy

Free bottle of water

Free multi-point inspection

Free wifi

Fluid level checks &
free top-offs

Free Benny’s Best Car Wash

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Basic Oil Change

Price for the first 5 quarts
(if more, + $6.99 per quart)




High Mileage

Price for the first 5 quarts
(if more, + $7.99 per quart)




Super Synthetic

Price for the first 5 quarts
(if more, + $8.99 per quart)




Mobil 1 Synthetic

Price for the first 5 quarts
(if more, + $10.99 per quart)





Price for the first 5 quarts
(if more, + $10.99 per quart)




Mobil 1 Diesel

Price for the first 5 quarts
(if more, + $10.99 per quart)





Price for the first 5 quarts
(if more, + $10.99 per quart)




Power Steering




Coolant Exchange




Transmission Exchange




Differential Fluid Service




Engine Cleaning Service




Fuel System Service




Wiper Blades




*Prices do not include sales tax or hazardous waste fees. We only use products that meet or exceed your vehicle manufactures standards or maintain warranties and prolong the life of your vehicle.

Prices may vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle.

Notice to Jeep Cherokee owners: We do not clean interiors of Jeep Cherokees or Grand Cherokees 2012 or older.

Oil change price includes up to 5 quarts of oil and standard filter, plus tax. Oil filters for some vehicles may cost more. This price does not apply to diesel oil changes. Not valid with any other offer.

Payment Options Include


Benny’s service center guarantees that any of the services performed on your* vehicle will be performed in a professional manner, free from defects in materials and workmanship, or you will receive an immediate re-service (redo) on the specific service you are not satisfied with. Benny’s service center will gladly perform the service again in order to minimize our customers’ inconvenience and ensure complete satisfaction.

Warranty Service Requirements

Before warranty repair is authorized, we require the following:

  1. Inspection of the vehicle by a Benny’s Oil Bay Assistant Manager, Manager, Area Manager, or Claims Coordinator.
  2. An original copy of the invoice.
  3. Any other work order, samples or parts (in the event repairs were authorized by Benny’s and performed by a repair facility other than Benny’s or an approved service provider).
  4. Completion of the Damage Claim Form or proof of contact to Benny’s, prior to any outside repairs being performed by anyone other than Benny’s or an approved service provider.
  5. Benny’s reserves the right to request vehicle service history including any and all services performed over the life of the vehicle or vehicle’s component prior to any repair or offer being made.
  6. Proof of ownership*

*Benny’s service center’s warranty applies to the owner of the vehicle listed on your work order. All correspondence and agreements will be between Benny’s and the owner of the vehicle. Proof of ownership can be verified with the vehicle registration, official bill of sale, or title.

Warranty Coverage

Benny’s service center’s warranty covers any service performed in our 14 point service and inspection along with all parts and materials listed on the front of the order that was used in servicing your vehicle. Benny’s service center warrants any service, parts, and materials used in the service to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three months or 3,000 miles of use, whichever comes first, from the date and vehicle mileage listed on the face of this work order. Benny’s service center’s warranty will not apply to vehicles with pre-existing conditions not serviced by this service center.


  1. Benny’s service center’s warranty will not apply to any repairs or corrective actions being performed prior to notification in writing to this service center.
  2. Benny’s service center’s warranty does not cover any item or service that is required for proper performance and operation that was declined by you, the customer.
  3. Benny’s service center’s warranty is given in lieu of any expressed or implied warranty.
  4. Benny’s service center’s warranty does not cover loss of use of the vehicle, loss of time or wage, inconvenience or any other consequential or incidental damages related to any claim.

Benny’s service center’s warranty gives you specific and legal rights. You may have other rights which vary from this service center’s warranty along with limitations or exclusion of incidental or consequential damages. The exclusions listed above may not apply to you.