Terms & Conditions

  • Benny’s Unlimited Wash Club provides unlimited car washes (two washes per day) for a monthly membership fee. Benny’s reserves the right to cancel, amend, or change the program as necessary.
  • Only the vehicle listed on this form is eligible for the program and must have a Benny’s RFID tag affixed to the vehicle. Damaged tags should be reported to us immediately. Any attempt to remove the tag will destroy the tag and prevent it from operating. Members will be charged a $5 replacement fee for each damaged tag. Any attempt to utilize a membership for multiple vehicles will result in termination without refund or credit. Public transportation vehicles such as taxis and limos are prohibited. Limit one vehicle per membership. Member must notify Benny’s of any change in vehicle ownership.
  • By enrolling in the Unlimited Wash Club program, you (the customer) agree that the credit card provided to us will be charged the monthly rate for your plan: $44.99 per month for Unlimited Benny’s Best + Interior, $31.99 per month for Unlimited Benny’s Best, $26.99 per month for Unlimited Wheel Deal, $21.99 per month for Unlimited Protect & Shine or $16.99 per month for Unlimited Express Wash. You also agree to waive any and all rights to withhold or delay payment of the related credit card charges, whether as described in this agreement, with your credit card issuer, or otherwise. You will be charged each month on the anniversary date of your club purchase. Purchases made on the 31st of the month will self-adjust to the last date of following months. Benny’s Unlimited Wash Club cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount.
  • As a Benny’s Unlimited Wash Club member, you agree to receive correspondence via email and/or text to the contact information provided to us at the time of membership enrollment. 
  • You may cancel at any time and continue to utilize the wash through the end of your paid period. No refunds or credits will be issued for partial periods, including days the wash is unavailable due to inclement weather or for maintenance.
  • UPGRADES: Exterior wash upgrades are available at all locations, and interior cleaning is available at all locations except Coursey & Denham.. Each upgrade is a one-time purchase and will not be automatically applied to your monthly Wash Club fee. Members are responsible for paying the upgrade charge at the wash terminal before the service is rendered. All memberships include unlimited exterior washes. To include unlimited interior cleaning, join our Best + Interior level.
  • FUEL DISCOUNTS: Fuel discounts are available at all B-Quik stores for members with active, paid status within 24 hours of club purchase. If auto billing is declined, fuel discounts will be paused until 24 hours after renewal. Members may cancel at any time and continue to utilize the wash for the paid time, however fuel discounts end immediately once account is terminated.